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A place where you can exchange your old puzzles for someone elses old puzzles. No puzzle should ever be done just once! RSS Feed what is XML?

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would anyone like to trade puzzles?  topic
where are all the puzzle peeps?  topic
SoCal Area  topic
Jigsaw Puzzle Surprise  topic
Four Puzzles in NYC to trade  topic
New to this?  topic
Sonoma County exchange  topic
jigsaw puzzle exchange  topic
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Puzzle exchange  topic
See my jig saw puzzles to exchange...........  topic
puzzle exchange on facebook  topic
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puzzles to enchange in Denver?  topic
Temple, TX Puzzle Exchange  topic
Mystic, CT Puzzle Exchange  topic
puzzles to give - -not looking to exchange  topic
SoCal puzzles to exchange  topic
they are piling up!  topic
1000 mystery jigsaw puzzle in TN  topic
Take my puzzles, please!  topic
Puzzles to exchange in Iowa  topic
More puzzles!  topic
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